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New - HAMMELMANN - surface_page17_image54.jpg

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New - HAMMELMANN - surface_page17_image33.jpg

Corrosion Protection


Efficient corrosion protection with the use of high pressure water jetting

  • economical: reduce docking time, all-weather work possible, reduce labour costs, parallel painting, maintenance and coating removal possible 

  • high quality preparation: no foreign particles, corrosion provoking materials or poorly adhering coatings remain, the surface quality when using UHP water jets is far better compared to conventional methods

  • eco-friendly: no formation of dust, the amount of material to be disposed is 1/100 compared to dry blasting method

  • health/safety: no risk of silicosis and other respiratory illness, no clouds of dust and dirt to put yard personnel's health at risk

Features of HAMMELMANN's semi-automatic  surface preparation systems 

  • quick set-up

  • quick change of working place

  • easy to manoeuvre in limited spaces

  • no in-dock constructions necessary

  • minimum space required

  • parallel painting, maintenance and coating removal possible

Features of HAMMELMANN's High Pressure Water Blasting Guns

an ergonomically formed handle and various extensions can be easily combined. each operator can find the working posture that best suits him, saving him effort and increasing workplace health and safety.


  • paint removal

  • de-coating

  • de-rusting

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